Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strangers into Friends

Ah! I haven't been blogging too much the past two weeks. I'm very busy filling out scholarships, putting together a tattoo portfolio, getting rid of stuff, packing for my move, etc! Last Saturday I participated in this HUGE "yard sale" with my mom. It was basically a bunch of military families in one spot selling their used stuff. Kind of like a swap meet. But we made $150 ($100 of which was from my stuff!). I had so much stuff it's not even funny, but I left with virtually nothing!! 

While I love drawing for my tattoo portfolio, sometimes I just want to say "fuck it" to proportions and whatnot, so I draw these silly little caricatures of people that I enjoy!

I drew this one of Helaine. She's so beautiful and down to earth. And I adore her fashion sense. 

I drew this one of my internet friend angela! I don't remember her tumblr name, but her Instagram name is: nighttowl 
She's so cute!

During work, I received this dollar as a tip. Some guy had written his name and number on it, along with a message "let's be friends"! It wasn't the person who gave me the dollar who wrote it. So I texted the number! Turns out, he's from Guam, he's in the army, and he seems nice. Horray for talking to strangers. :]

And ending this post with a picture of me! I am applying to local modeling agencies in hopes I can break into that industry. I used to do modeling in 8th grade, but my look has drastically changed since then. Wish me luck! (My tattoos may be a turn off for them :p)

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