Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

This week my place of choice was Storenvy. You find a lot of unique items over there. So here's what I found!

I love this dress, and the best part of it, is the huge scooped neck on the back (not pictured, obviously). 
Find this dress HERE!

Need I say more? I love things that go to charities. 
Get this shirt HERE!

The description says pinup girl, but the model doesn't look very pinup-y so it's hard for me to picture it that way. However, I still love it! Pinstripes are always in style...for me. 
Get it HERE!

This dress is too cute. So light and summery looking!
Get it HERE!

I probably wouldn't ever wear this dress, but that doesn't cease my love for it! 
Find it HERE!

I'm absolutely in love with this cupcake apron!!
Find it HERE!

Adventure Wars Tshirt. So clever! Combining two of my favorite things haha. 
Find it HERE!

You have no idea how in love with this I am. Seriously, I would probably wear it everywhere, regardless of my location (Hawai'i). 
Find this sweetness HERE!

This panda sweater/dress is so cute! I want to get it for my friend who is nicknamed panda. It suits her style also!
Find it HERE!

The art is so cute, I can't handle! I don't wear tshirts too much, but I think I would sport this one! 
Find it HERE!

That's all for this week. Do you guys have any online shops to recommend? Just so you guys know, I rarely ever buy anything, as I'm on a strict budget, but I enjoy doing these wishlists' for future reference!


kailani said...

I love that first dress. I just wish I had the body to put in it! :-)

Anonymous said...

what beautiful pics and inspirations!!! thank u for sharing =)

Anonymous said...

I think I need the bear coat. For realz. Also, the "Adventure Wars" shirt. Yeeeeeahhh....I'm gonna need that.

Great finds! I've just discovered Store envy like two days ago. I'm so behind the times. >___>

Cute blog!


Audrey Leighton said...

So cute!!

Be Frassy