Friday, February 17, 2012

Etsy Finds Fridays

This week a majority of my Etsy finds were 30 Rock related. So please excuse in advance if that's what most of them end up being, haha!

These Hello Kitty paintings are so beautiful! Love the sugar skull touch.
Find them HERE!

To have the world around their neck...who wouldn't want that?
Find this necklace HERE!

I would definitely vote them in. 
Find these HERE!

Love this idea. Customized Hogwarts entry letter. Tempted to get one for myself HAHA
Get these HERE!

My boyfriend is in love with this Mario coin box! So cute. 
Find it HERE!

Possibly my favorite quote of the show. 
Find this coffee cozy HERE!

My boyfriend is big into the skate scene, and I've always found myself fascinated with it, even though I don't personally skate. Check out these upcycled skateboards that've been turned into stools!!
Find these HERE

This art is so great. It reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox (fantastic movie, btw).
Find this print HERE!

Super cute...and sassy coasters! 
Find these HERE!

Pierce the Veil is one of my favorite bands. I'm absolutely in love with these custom PTV headphones. 
Find em HERE

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