Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back To Life

Wow, it's been almost a whole year since I have updated! What a shame. I've been feeling a bit stressed lately, and I recalled how blogging helped me relieve stress in the past, so I've returned!

So much has changed since last year. How about a quick overview for my first post back?

  • Moved to Rochester, New York with my boyfriend. That's where his family lives
  • Enjoyed our time there, but found that Hawai'i was calling us back.
  • Moved back to Oahu after 7 months. 
  • Started working for Starbucks again.
  • Moved into Waikiki.
  • Started going back to college. (hatin it)
  • Re-gained my position as a Starbucks Supervisor.
  • Obtained our first "official" studio together! We've always rented rooms out of houses. 
It's been an interesting and adventurous 12 months! I feel like I've been working non-stop since I moved to New York and back. But my work is finally starting to show. Soon I will be able to take a break! 

Here's a list of some posts' I will be making in the near future for you guys to look forward to:
  • Swirl Cookies: A local cookie boutique in Waikiki
  • My trip to Big Island. Philip has never been to any other Hawaiian island until then!
  • My upcoming Vegas vacation
  • fun places to eat in Honolulu
  • And I'll be updating my 2013 goals, as well as my "about me" section!

Bye for now! Also, if you have ever been to Vegas, or live there, then let me know some fun things to do! 

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