Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Art of Moving

My garage, currently.
I am no stranger to moving. In fact, as a military brat since the age of conception, I have moved more times than I can count on my two hands. Every two years, just about, we pack up and migrate to the next location.

This is not even my first time moving alone, though! However, the first try was a disaster, set me back TONS of money, and landed me right back where I started. Moving overseas is a lot more work than moving across solid land. Let me give you some bullet points on how it went.
  • Brought WAY too much stuff to begin with, including my dog...not smart when you're staying with someone temporarily until you find a place to live. 
  • Didn't bring enough savings. 
  • Family ended up disliking my boyfriend and, in turn, kicked us out. 
  • Had no place to stay.
  • Had to spend money to fly back to Hawaii, along with dog, stuff, etc.
  • Hawai'i requires all animals flying in to be put in a very expensive quarantine for 3 months.
  • My puppy ended up breaking his leg in said quarantine and it "wasn't their fault".
  • Had to go  through the re-hire process at my old job. 
  • Luckily got our apartment back.
Grand Total (of money wasted/in debt): $10,000. (still paying that off >__>)


Another terrifying view. 
This time around, we are diminishing most of our belongings. All that crap that you see above, will eventually either be eliminated or packed into my two suitcases. If it can't fit, it's  most likely not going, save for a few books and my tattoo machine. 

I've already sold over 150 of my books. Just re-reading that literally makes me want to throw a temper tantrum but, no going back to move on!

This time, we are only traveling with our cat, and we are staying with his parents in Rochester, NY. AND Philip already has a job! We are much more on track this time. 
However, I'm taking a risk, as I'm only bringing enough money for a one way flight (you never know what might happen). 

Maybe not the smartest idea, but we are traveling much lighter and I have high hopes for this move!

We don't own a car, so this was how we migrated our boxes to the post office haha!! Good thing he skateboards. Six boxes of books may look like a lot, but if I hadn't sold those that I did, there would be at least 20. 

I move on May 1st. Who knows when posts' will regulate, but I'll try to blog in my free time! You never know how much you have to do until you're moving, though!


Em said...

Oh man, I DESPISE moving yet have somehow ended up doing it probably 10 times in the last 10 years, ugh!

Phillip Hildebrand said...

Its really art of moving. Like this kinda of amazing blog and its collection. Thanks a lot for sharing.