Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas UNDER $10!

If you're like me, then you wait until the last minute to start shopping for Christmas gifts.
But I also like to shop on the internet! Luckily, around the holidays, shops online are intune to our needs and ship items rather quickly in time for Christmas. 
Here, I've compiled a list of things that are cute AND cheap!! 
All items are off of etsy, of course!
Support small business owners. :]

First up, this lovely orange starfish hairclip!! 
She had many more colours but they sold rather quickly. 
Only 6 left of these!
$7 + shipping
Get them HERE!

Who DOESN'T love the Little Mermaid?! 
Snag these cuties for only $7! 
Get them HERE

This cute handmade Hello Kitty pouch is one of a kind! The shop owner hand printed her fabrics to give it the unique-ness you're looking for. 
This little pouch is $9.56!
Get it HERE!

These gloomy bear earrings are only $5.90 each!
Snag em HERE

This dripping heart pin is great for any lolita! 
Get it for only $5 HERE!

This cute hand drawn owl stamp is only $6!
Grab it HERE!

The shop owner calls this the "Creeper Combo".
It comes with all the goodies pictured above! Stickers, mini comic, etc!
Her art is amazing, and ever an inspiration.
Snag this combo for only $7 HERE!

This nifty little Hostess Cupcake box is going for a whopping $2.25!
Grab it before somebody else does HERE

This jumbo Happy Hippos Bow Headband is great for anybody!
Grab it for $9 HERE!

I love this little space unicorn photo album!
Great to stand apart from boring walgreens photo albums.
Snag it for only $8, HERE!

And last, but most certainly not least, this cute little sprinkle gummy bear ring!
Only $8, HERE!

Get shopping guys! You don't want to forget anybody on your list!

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