Friday, January 28, 2011

Follow Friday!

And, once again, it's follow Friday!! Below are ten people I recommend you guys should follow! <3

1.) Agepoyo! Seriously, I'm so in love with his blog!! It's mainly about his time in Japan, but it also contains stories from when he travels!! (below picture is from his blog)

2.) Rikku's Blog! This girl is so adorable and talented!! For people into the gyaru fashion, she's a great person to follow<3. (below picture from her blog)

3.) Boko! That link is a link to her store, but on her page it also has links to her blogs. She is ADORABLE and so talented! I've bought like 5 of her bows. They're sturdy, adorable, huge and fluffy! <3

4.) TheKawaiiWorld! If you're on tumblr, this is one of my favorite blogs I follow! They post some of the cutest things! Well suited to their name<3

5.) HimeJapanJourney! Her blog is wonderful! Not only does she fulfill my otaku needs, she also posts' some very informative stuff about Japan!

only doing five this week since i haven't found many good ones to follow lately. Feel free to recommend me some! <3

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