Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

1.) Japan!! This one is pretty much always on my top ten list of things I love. BUT, me and a friend are planning a trip to Japan this summer, so it makes it number one, more than ever!! We are planning for July 6-28th. We would love to meet up with some people if possible! <3

2.) BOWS!! And not just any bows, this girls bows:

3.) This photo: 

4.) Storenvy! I love this website! they're a pretty tight knit group over there. It's a place for people to put up their owns stores and sell their items!

5.) Drawing on Moleskins! I've been drawing on moleskine's lately and they're up for sale on my store! buy here!

6.) Cute things! 

7.) Durarara!! This series is the best shounen thing to happen since Yu Yu Hakusho! Seriously!

8.) Truffles! I LOVE them! I want more!

9.) Making Stickers!! I drew the south park characters and made them into stickers!

10.) This picture!

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