Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursdays!

1.) Reading. I haven't been reading as much as I used to these past few months!! But i've been sick the past couple days and I've been reading pretty crazily. Read Nana volume 9, Bakuman volume 2, and The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy. The Hansel and Gretel book was very inspiring and informative!! I am quite obsessed with the Holocaust time period.

2.) 4chumblr: don't even get me started with my love for this bastard pairing! 4chan + tumblr = 4chumblr (art below by me)
oh yes….i joined the bandwagon. stupid black pen smeared though :[

3.) This lipstick colour! I bought four different brands of all the same colour but I like this one the best. It stays on forever! Don't remember which brand it was...i'll get back on that one.

too much time on my hands these days!!       (jk i love it)

4.) THIS GIF!! do i even need to explain?

5.) What I Wore Today. I used to draw these all the time. Here are a few recent of mine.
what i wore the other dayyyyyy
my outfit from the other day

6.) Twitter: I'm on and off again with this website but this past week i've been tweeting and lurking like crazy!

7.) Harry Potter: FUUUUUUCKKK I don't even want to thing about HP right now. The only reason this is so far down on the list is because I went to the midnight premiere and after waiting for 5 hours i got sick TWENTY MINUTES into the movie so i had to leave!!! ok...but i still am stoked on it!

8.) My obsession with Ai Yazawa is resurfacing quickly and i love it! <3
NANA vol1.jpg

9.) Bakuman: This manga is helping my lack of inspiration lately!! I enjoy it greatly!

Bakuman Vol 1 Cover.jpg

10.) Pepsi. I drink a lot of coffee usually but it's been a little hot so I want something cooler. I can't get enough of pepsi! Who needs food when you have caffeine? :D

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