Friday, November 12, 2010

Follow Fridays!

So, Follow Fridays are most commonly known on Twitter. However, I have decided to bring it over to blogspot as well!! I'll be posting links to my top ten current favorite people I follow on Tumblr, Twitter, Blogspot, DeviantART, etc.
Reaaaaaady? And GO! :]

1.) (below image from her blog) I love her and her blog and everything she does!! She's creative and has such a great fashion sense! She is the owner of Sugarpill Cosmetics, if that rings a bell with anybody!

2.) Another blog I follow. She seems like such a sweetie and I love her art! (below picture from her blog)

Her tumblr contains so many funny things!! It keeps me laughing with each new post :D

I love everything she makes!! And her outfits/tattoos as well!!

She's also one of those artsy types making lots of cool things and such!! So jealous of their talent!!

Heck yes!!! So the little art group 'nematoad in space" has started a small magazine featuring things for artists from the artists'! Anyone can submit stuff! They're accepting articles, short comics, etc.

Her art is beyond ispiring<3.

Beautiful girl, super nice, awesome art and the artist of an upcoming comic "The Class Comic". I'm super stoked for its release!

I love her art so much<33

Her blog is so inspiring to me<33 (the below picture is from her blog)

anndd that's all for this post!! I'm sad I missed "Things I Love Thursdays" this week :[


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Those girls have such great hair! I want their hair! XD

Bibbi said...

"Things I Love Thursdays"? Well tomorrow is Thursday, try it try it! :3

Those are such good suggestions! I love the style of each one. You have a Twitter too? I'd love to follow you! XD

turtle said...

Audrey: They do have great hair! I'm envious! But I have the kind of face that would only look good with my natural colour haha OTL

Bibbi: yes i do!!! I'm @goreyhippie on twitter :D what is yours?? i love finding new people to follow!