Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I love Thursday!

It's time for "Things I Love Thursdays!"
I see a few other blogs do this and I think it's interesting so I'm going to do it as well!

1.) National Novel Writing Month: It's November, which means time for nanowrimo!
The red/white haired girl is my main character, "Peppermint." I'll fill you guys in more as the story progresses!

2.) South Park!! Mysterion was finally revealed after Matt and Trey had us guessing for so long!! Watch the latest episode to find out for yourself if you haven't already :]]

3.) A Beautiful Mess: This blog is so inspiring. And if I follow correctly she owns her own vintage shop! That's super rad! Beautiful Mess


4.) Leopard Print EVERYTHING. I finally gave in the animal print fad. I love leopard print especially<3 href="">
MINKYPINKLEOPARD.jpg #3 PINK LEOPARD PRINT (ADD $5) image by yorkiepup2

5.) Christmas Themed Items. For some reason I'm really stoked on Christmas this year! Not for the gifts, just for the general awesomness that comes with the holiday! Trees, snow, cookies, candies, stories, etc.

chr0775f18b2064_myspace.gif Christmas... image by faye00701

6.) Paradise Kiss Manga. This manga has been one of my fav's for many years. In the past two days I've re-read the 5-book series a total of 3.5 times LOL. It just inspires me so much!! I especially love Miwako :]

7.) Movember. The month formerly known as November. Every year, men around the world are asked to grow out their moustaches to show support to find the cure for testicular cancer and other men's health issues. This year, I'm helping by making tshirts, selling them and donating a good portion of the profits to this movement. More on that later!

8.) Quad: A Soul Eater Doujinshi. This is a doujinshi that me and two other friends are drawing for an upcoming anime convention. ONSHII drew the cover (below)

9.) My new house! Well...I don't own it but we're renting it. And I adore it!

10.) Sewing. I've picked up sewing again!! My boyfriends sister had a baby recently so I'm excited to be able to sew her tons of cute stuff for Christmas :]]

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Bibbi said...

Parakiss and leopard print, yes yes yes! You know they are making a live version of Paradise Kiss right?

Hahaha, I signed up for Nanowrimo and haven't written a thing. xD I love writing but got swamped this month.