Tuesday, September 2, 2014

REVIEW: Paper Moon

Paper Moon was a recommendation from a friend. I was able to watch it the last night that it was available on Netflix a few weeks ago.

Summary: 9-year-old Addie has just lost her mother when she meets Moze, a con artist and one of the many men her mother had had a relationship with. A woman at the funeral points out that the pair have "the same jaw" and are possibly related. In the end, Moze is roped into taking Addie to her new home with her aunt and uncle. Along the way, the pair become collaborative con artists', using their "similar jaws" (a recurring theme) to their advantage claiming to be a down-and-out Father/Daughter pair.

I went in watching this movie not really knowing what to expect. It's a comedy that was made in the 1970's, filmed in black and white, and set in the 1950's during the Great Depression. Then I remembered that Grease was also a 1950's style movie filmed in the 70's, which somehow convinced me to give it a shot. What could it hurt to try?

I was blown away.

Ryan and Tatum O'Neal who play the lead characters of Moze and Addie are real life father/daughter, which plays into the charm of this film. Their on-screen dynamic is realistic and appealing. I had no idea that they were related until after I watched it, when I went perusing the internet for further information.
Addie is a feisty little tomboy who envies the women that Moze is often seen with throughout the movie. She wants to look more feminine, though Moze assures her she is just as pretty as her mother was.
Moze is a con artist with a soft spot for beautiful women, and eventually Addie. His conning skills are often overshadowed by Addie's ability to up the ante when it comes to value.

The overall story was appealing. They take you along on their adventures as father/daughter con artists', getting into drama along the way. It's one long road for Moze to take Addie to her new home with her aunt and uncle, leaving you hoping that they will get lost along the way and never end up to that fated destination.

The black and white filming was a huge factor in what made this film appealing, to me. When watching it, you really get a feel for the 1950's (as much as a girl born in 1991 can imagine, anyhow). The film is so clean, even for being filmed in the 70's.

STORY: 4 of 5
GRAPHICS: 4 of 5 (taking into account it's such an old film)

OVERALL: 4 of 5. A must watch for fans of classic movies, quirky characters, and hilarious plots.


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