Friday, September 27, 2013

Etsy Finds Fridays - Boho Themed

I always find it so hard scrolling through Etsy to pick only 10 items to list on my weekly finds. So this week I'm trying something new....going with a theme! 
Boho fashion is very "in" right now and  it's always been something I follow due to my mom being very "boho". 

First on my list, are these vintage moccasins! I love moccasins because they go with almost anything. 

Speaking of shoes, how can you go wrong with Doc Martins. These aren't only "boho", but they can fit any fashion group. They go with literally anything. Prom dress, jeans, mini skirts, etc!

I think it's important for bags to be flexible in matching with many outfits. Who wants a bag that only goes with one outfit? 

Jewelry is a huge part of the boho fashion sense. This necklace embraces it, without being overly chunky or tacky. 

I love oversized shirts like this because you can wear them in so many ways. 

These pants are great, and not just for yoga. They feature a fun pattern so you can wear a plain shirt without looking like a plain jane. 

This necklace is simple and neutral in color but will add flair to any outfit!

The cold season is coming and this poncho cape is perfect for any outfit! Even if it covers up the outfit you so tediously planned, it won't look boring or clumpy. 

Kimonos are very hip right now and they transform an otherwise boring or simple outfit into something more profound and foreign. 

Another, cheaper option for kimono seekers!

Remember, send in your favorite shops or items that you find on Etsy for a feature!


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