Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Website!

I've been considering transferring my business to it's own website for quite some time. But I always came up with excuses: it's not successful enough, i'm too lazy, it costs' money, etc. 

Finally, this past month I re-considered the benefits of having my own website. For one, it was much easier to tell people "Fabric" as opposed to "fabric illusion . etsy . com" or whatever host website I was currently using. That was the second issue. I transferred hosts' many times. From storenvy to etsy, to bigcartel. With my own URL I can change whatever host I want without changing the URL. And lastly, I discovered that with the right host, it's not that expensive! I'm paying barely $10 a year. 

So now, It's finalized! Check out my new website. I'm still occasionally tweaking things. For now, I enjoy the sleek, simplicity of the theme I have chosen. 

Feedback and thoughts are always appreciated! 


Clipping Path said...

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