Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tattoo Designs

Recently, a couple of my friends asked me to design tattoos for them. This is just a quick post to share my designs. :]

Peacock feather inspired by an earring!

An infinity band for 3 best friends featuring the aina. HI-life. :]

Peacock feather, with a heart in the middle.

Inspired by a boho earring. My least favorite of the designs.

The most simple, but my favorite. 


tattoosdesigns said...

tattoos designs are really cute here,,,,,

ADmin said...

It is not a straightforward work for a young lady or here a lady to pick a tattoo that best suits their style and emotional disposition.

senthil kumar said...

Fantastic and superb art grant by you. Like and love this kinda of creative work. Thanks a lot for share and feel gratitude to see your creativity.

Image Masking Service said...

As design today my office work but I don’t know this design. When I see your tutorial then I done my work. Thanks you so much

Clipping Path said...

i love your creative work. The tattoos are very interesting things to me. i love the design and your creativity.