Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Butterbeer Recipe

Butterbeer Recipe

Calling all my fellow Harry Potter nerd-lets! I recently found this recipe on tumblr and saved the image to remember to try it later on. About a week or so ago, I gave it a shot. It turned out pretty darn good!! Not exactly what I imagined butterbeer to taste like, but still a nice sweet treat. 

Some extra tips:
-Add more cinnamon, because "a dash" is hardly even worth taste. 
-Use 8 oz. of milk. It says one mug which is kind of wishy-washy, but I used 8 oz. and it was perfect.
-Add the milk last, otherwise the cinnamon doesn't mix in too well. 

Let me know if you guys try it! Any other butterbeer recipes you've tried? I remember trying one a while back and it was PERFECT, but I can't find it anymore. 


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