Friday, December 30, 2011

Etsy Finds Friday

As it may have become obvious in my recent posts', I'm OBSESSED with etsy! 
So, I'm dedicating Fridays to my top ten etsy finds throughout the week!! 
So here we go :]

This newspaper notebook is so cute! I want to try and make one...maybe.
$16.99 HERE

Dats Rule Everything Around Me....a play on Wu-Tangs famous song "C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Rules Everything Around Me"
$21.00 HERE!

A drawing a day for seven days zine. This persons art is amazing! In love with it :D
$2.39 (USD) HERE!

Words are unnecessary for this rad tights. Must have. 
$40.00 HERE!

Who doesn't love random tshirts with great art on them?!
$13 HERE!

A great little zine focusing on the LGBTQAI community!
$1.00 HERE!

Cute little Catnip Yeti for your cats!
$4.00 HERE!

Keep Calm and Make Coffee Poster. I need this for my future kitchen, bedroom, office, ETC!
$12.00 HERE!

These adorable rocking horse earrings are something that are definitely on my wish list.
$3.00 HERE!

And last, but not least, HIEI! On a little keychain! Forever my favorite anime character!
$9.00 HERE!

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