Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tattoo Talk &junk

This above photo is from last weekend when my dear friend Monkey was visiting. We went to a playground to take photos. It was too hot for me so I ended up trying to hide in what little shade the slide provided LOL. That's why I'm so white...

I drew these throughout the week. They're daruma dolls or dharma dolls. Supposedly, they bring good luck. I'm getting the yellow one tattooed on me this friday. I can't wait! Which do you like better? I'm thinking of getting the red one also, a little later. 

This is the latest addition to my etsy shop. You can buy it HERE!

My friend getting tattooed. She was in pain haha. 

The finished product! Well, the finished lining. Colouring will be done in 2 weeks after it heals. She's obsessed with Snow White. I'm not a fan myself, but I do love how this turned out! 

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