Friday, January 27, 2012

Etsy Finds Friday!

It's so hard to only pick ten things a week! 

These wooden Mayan plugs are awesome! 
I love original designs like this.
Find these HERE!

Totally in love with this mermaid necklace that's secretly a pocket watch!! 
This could definitely come in handy :]
Find it HERE!

This little pincushion is almost too cute to push your pins in!
Find it HERE!

By now I think it's pretty obvious that I'm addicted to zines.
This one is right up my alley! 
Find it HERE!

In lust with this Harry Potter snitch pocket watch!
Get it HERE!

I love this Bad Cupcake Tattoo Print! 
I always was a sucker for the bad ones. ;]
Find this HERE!

This is a set of 7 postcards.
Her art is so, so amazing!!
Find these HERE!

I'm not a huge fan of velvet, but this velvet tube dress is amazing!
Find it HERE!

These are temporary tattoos for your LIPS!! 
They probably last a lot longer than lipstick. (Let me know if you've tried these!)
Find them HERE!

Last, but not least, this adorable owl soup mug!! 
Sooo cute and homey. 
Find it HERE!

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Nettan said...

that mermaid necklace is gorgeous x