Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etsy Finds Friday!

Yet another Friday to bring you my favorites!

First up, this rad painting of Old Dirty Bastard as the Virgin Mary!
Would totally hang this in my house. 
Check it HERE for $125!

I've always wanted to try handmade organic soap. 
This blackberry sage soap looks delicious!
Check it out HERE for only $3.50!

I'm reeling over this Wu-Tang Chess T-shirt!
An original design with the Wu-Tang symbol!
Check it out HERE for $15.00!

This embroidery design is so adorable! 
It seems you can order it on anything from a dish towel, to a laptop case!
Order it HERE for $13.99!

This wallet is made of vinyl in the sense of Tim Burton! 
Check it out HERE for $12.00!

How could you NOT love this Monster design garter belt?!
Get it HERE for $39.00!

This embroidered journal is based on the Beetlejuice movie!
It's blank on the inside, ready for your own sketches, notes, etc!
Check it out HERE for $10.00!

This was always one of my favorite images of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
This lovely shop has transformed it into a long tank top! 
Will be purchasing it in the future.
Check it out HERE for $14.99!

This vintage petunia tea pot is so classy! 
Great for tea lovers!
Get it HERE for $19.99!

I'm a total postcard hoarder! 
This cute whale postcard would be a great addition to any collection, or great for postcrossing participants!
Get it HERE for $6.00!

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