Friday, January 6, 2012

Etsy Finds Friday!

My favorite part of the week! Etsy Finds Friday! 
Here are my top ten favorite finds this week. :]

This adorable Totoro print measure 4"x6". 
I'm going to have to add this to my collection soon! 
Get it HERE for $8.00!

These gorgeous vintage Victorian style boots! 
Get them HERE for $118.00!

I'm a sucker for travel guides. 
Make it about a place I'm dying to visit and you've reeled me in!
Get this cute zine HERE for $8.93 USD!

Tempted to stretch my ears this large just to be able to wear these icing plugs!
Get them HERE for $7.92 USD!

Love these plaid bloomers! 
Get them HERE for $28.00!

Who didn't love watching Yu-Gi-Oh when they were young?
Get this cute upcycled skirt HERE for $40.00!

Im in lust with this eyeball necklace. 
Get it HERE for $12.00!

I would wear these earrings with that eyeball necklace, haha !
Check it out HERE for $15.00!

This guy makes the cutest plushies! 
This one's name is Buster the Bunny. 
Get him HERE for $30.00!

And, last, but not least! 
I love this cute postcard collection with her artwork! 
Get them HERE for $7.00! :]

That's all for this week! <3


Nickie Frye said...

Nice picks! Thanks so much for including my antique boots. :) I am so tempted to keep them!

knickerocker said...

Love our blog, thanks for including my knickers xx

knickerocker said...

oops - that was supposed to be love YOUR blog :/

Veronica said...

I love this post!!